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My name is Jody and I am a senior at Ursuline College attending the fashion program. I graduate in December 2011. I love keeping a fast and eventful schedule. Being busy keeps me sane! I completed my Senior Studio Collection called "Secret Harmony"! I hopefully plan to move to California.

February 23, 2011

Spring 2011 trend report

Using sheer in my collection. I used purple, green floral sheer in all 4 of my garments. This is a great 2011 spring trend that I am following. 
Designers played peekaboo this spring by layering transparent separates over solid underpinnings, with varying levels of modesty.

Teaching the Class

Well today for homework I taught the class how to create a fashion blog. I believe I have some good input and that everybody should create a blog! I also learned some other cool programs like onenote, and how to do criminal backgrounds for free! After my internship class I had senior studio where we did kimono sleeves, they are pretty easy to create using flat pattern and are very AWESOME Designs! Its time crunch for my final collection. So far I have muslin 1 and 2 done and fitted... only 2 more to go, then time to start on garments! I was planning on starting on one garment today...but I LOST MY FABRIC. TAKE NOTE: make sure you put something important in a safe location. ugh!

February 19, 2011

Sneak Peak of "Secret Harmony Collection" Spring 2011

My inspiration was brought to me by an updated bohemian style.
Form fitting and flowing at the same time. 
Inspiration : Selena Gomez, Year Without Rain
Her Dress is beautiful! 

February 18, 2011

My blog picture, the explanation

As I was looking for a picture to put on here, I realized that I should put this picture of me and my model Haley. I decided to put this as my picture because it shows some of the work I have done. These two garments were created for the "Goodwill Fashion Show". The goal of this show was to re-create a garment based off of something you found at a Goodwill location. We were given $25.00 and class time to work on it. I was able to create 2 garments for the price of one! I called it a pink collection because when I was at Goodwill I found a HOT PINK jumper suit for $1.00! What a steal. It was a great experience and a fun one as well! The point of this show was to give people hope that you can dress well for a budget, and GREAT quality clothing as well. Ursuline College was given this opportunity and the designing began! The fashion show was located at the Cleveland Rain-Forest, the runway was around the porcupines...how cool!