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My name is Jody and I am a senior at Ursuline College attending the fashion program. I graduate in December 2011. I love keeping a fast and eventful schedule. Being busy keeps me sane! I completed my Senior Studio Collection called "Secret Harmony"! I hopefully plan to move to California.

February 18, 2011

My blog picture, the explanation

As I was looking for a picture to put on here, I realized that I should put this picture of me and my model Haley. I decided to put this as my picture because it shows some of the work I have done. These two garments were created for the "Goodwill Fashion Show". The goal of this show was to re-create a garment based off of something you found at a Goodwill location. We were given $25.00 and class time to work on it. I was able to create 2 garments for the price of one! I called it a pink collection because when I was at Goodwill I found a HOT PINK jumper suit for $1.00! What a steal. It was a great experience and a fun one as well! The point of this show was to give people hope that you can dress well for a budget, and GREAT quality clothing as well. Ursuline College was given this opportunity and the designing began! The fashion show was located at the Cleveland Rain-Forest, the runway was around the porcupines...how cool! 

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